Confidence Courses

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Classic Confidence Masterclasses help you conquer the situations people fear most, while the
Core Confidence Mentoring Programme helps you become more confident in general.

Classic Confidence Masterclasses

Overcome the three common scenarios that trip people up: public speaking, career preparation and social situations.

Each masterclass is delivered as a 1-to-1 video call session lasting 30 minutes, with one week of email support if you have any follow up questions.

Public Speaking

Say goodbye to the butterflies, jelly legs and shaky voice, to become a brilliant public speaker, deliver a knockout work presentation or make a wedding speech everyone remembers.

  • Plan, prepare and rehearse properly.

  • Get your voice, posture and breathing right.

  • Build a rapport with your audience.

  • Leave a lasting impression.

Careers Support

Brush up on your job hunting skills and learn how to shine in an assessment centre or show your new bosses you mean business at interview.

  • Analyse the job description and match your CV up with it.
  • Write the perfect cover letter.

  • Research the role and prepare what you want to say.

  • Make a confident first impression and keep your composure.

  • Follow up with conviction.

  • Negotiate a better salary.

Social Situations

Turn work gatherings, family parties or networking events from something you dread into something you look can easily manage – and even look forward to.

  • Learn what to say, when to say it, how to say it and who to say it to.

  • Understand eye contact, posture and what to do with your hands.

  • Appreciate when to listen and when to start speaking.

  • Most importantly, learn how to be yourself and allow your personality to shine through.

Special offer

Save 25% if you book all three Classic Confidence Masterclasses at once.


Core Confidence Mentoring Programme

Discover the skills and tools needed to become self-assured in all areas of your life.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of your sense of ‘self’.
  • How to set realistic and stretch goals.
  • How to create good habits in your daily routine.
  • The importance of prioritising your wellbeing.
  • What your support network looks like and how to expand it.
  • The importance of authentic relationships.

The Core Confidence Mentoring Programme also includes mini-masterclasses in public speaking, careers support and social situations.

How it works

The course is delivered over 4 x 30-minute video calls, with one week of email support after each session to answer any questions. We recommend you book the sessions one week apart so you can practice your new skills.

As you move through the course, we’ll build up your ‘Bank of Confidence’, a personalised record that gives you courage when making decisions.

By the end

You’ll have fully completed your ‘Confidence Dashboard’ and you’ll have the mindset to approach life more confidently. And because this is a one-off investment in yourself, you won’t have to spend hours going back over it in the future.

Whenever you need a confidence boost, you can refer back to your new tools including your Bank of Confidence and Confidence Dashboard for a recap, or simply book a one-off mentoring session to get back on track.

Special offer

Save 10% if you book the Core Confidence Mentoring Programme with all three Classic Confidence Masterclasses.