Put your confidence in us

You’d expect The Confidence Society to be led by a bunch of extroverts, right?
But in fact, we’re run by just one woman – Asima Crewe, a natural introvert.

And she knows exactly how you’re feeling…

I’m living proof that confidence is a skill that you can learn. But with me, it was more of a life-lesson. Knowing that I’m an introvert, I’ve always tried to overcome it by pushing myself into situations out of my comfort zone.

I got my first taste of teamwork and leadership when playing football as a kid. And as I grew up, I played for great teams and developed the mentality of winning.

Then it was my law degree, where I learnt how to state my case confidently. More recently, I did a PGCE in Lifelong Learning, which gave me the confidence to teach.

Career confidence

Working as police civilian for eight years, it was impossible to avoid high-pressure situations. From supporting international hostage and kidnap situations to working in counter-terrorism.

Having written interview questions and assessment centre tests as well as conducting them, I know exactly what organisations are looking for when they interview you.

I’ve since moved into the private sector where I spent five years at a prestigious ‘Big Four’ city firm and I am now working for a global boutique consultancy. I can show you how to go for jobs that you might not have dreamt of. As part of my role I regularly deliver presentations and workshops too, so I can teach you how to capture and keep an audience’s attention.

The Confidence Society

Having helped hundreds of people improve their confidence over the years with techniques I’d built myself, I was convinced by others to start offering them to everybody and have been overwhelmed by the positive response to my work.

While my approach has been inspired by my education and life experience, the course content is based on proven research methods and I’ve read lots of books so you don’t have to!

The future

I want to carry on helping people lead happier, more successful lives, as well as supporting the NHS Long Term Plan of preventing mental health problems and promoting good mental health and well being.

With a husband and toddler at home, balancing work and home life is very important to me, and knowing how to keep an eye on my own well being means I can share my strategies with you.


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